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enjoy your fictional characters you nerds

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☁- Our muses in a thunderstorm.

✿- Our muses in a garden.

♫- Our muses at a concert.

☏- One of the muses giving the other a prank call.

★- Our muses looking at the stars.

†- Our muses in a church.

☤- One of our muse’s is hurt.

❤- Our muses are both alone on valentine’s day.

☢- Our muses during a radioactive breakout.

☠- One of our muse’s died, and the other is at the grave. (possibly ghost or drabble)

✈- Our muses on a plane.

▲- Our muses on an elevator. 

▼- Our muses in a broken elevator.

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Reblog if you're willing to roleplay the following subjects:

Domestic Violence
Mental Issues
Violence in General

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"You've been out for days. I was worried you were dead."


The Master slowly looked at her, “I had no energy… haven’t been sleeping,” he had a fever by now.


"When I say worried, I don’t really mean ‘worried,’" She turned away to grab a glass of water to hand to him,"I thought timelords don’t get sick."

To be a k i l l e r you must first
                              kill a little bit of yourself.

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"Don't leave me here, please!"




Sentence Starters {Intense Angst Edition}

Why shouldn’t I? You are nothing to me. What could I possibly gainfrom helping you?


"I’ll serve you. I’ll do whatever you want! Just don’t leave me. Not here- Oh God.. not here.”


"Don’t make me laugh.” the Doctor snorted. “I don’t need your services. What could I possibly need someone like you for?” he hissed, grabbing her jaw tightly for a moment and eyeing her pretty face. There was only one idea that came to mind, but he’d much rather leave her there, knowing she would suffer dire consequences. “You’ve a pretty face, but I’d much prefer to leave you for death.”


She looked at him in alarm, like a scared rabbit caught in a trap, as he grabbed her jaw. Should she tell him just how valuable she could be? There had to be a way to convince him. She couldn’t stay here. It would come for her and she’d suffer a fate ten times worse than death. Death- she could deal with…. having to see the one thing that makes even her tremble… “Please. I’ll be a good doggy. I’ll make an excellent pet. I can be both human and wolf simultaneously. I’m begging you. Anything you want.”

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