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Spent all night with my younger brother, who has kidney stones. I didn’t get much sleep so I probably won’t be on until later.


reblog if your URL is an original.

you didn’t steal it from anyone neither made it look 99.9% similar to someone to get followers.


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I want to prove him wrong



Reblog if you would be upset if imliterallytoocoolforschool deleted his blog.

If I could reblog this a million times I would. I would be devastated if he deleted his blog. Not only is he the best Owen I’ve ever rped with and my favorite blog, he’s one of my best friends.


ushastherani asked—
DIBS x 1000
ushastherani asked—
"This is not the day to piss me off, kid."


"Just go away," She replied pointing at the library’s front door.

Secrets [Starter Sentences]

  • "Do you keep secrets from _____, too?"
  • "Everything is a secret with you; why?"
  • "Hm, secretive."
  • "I can't say, it's a secret."
  • "I don't just give my secrets away."
  • "I know your secret."
  • "Lies, secrets— that's all you're made of."
  • "Secrets keep us close."
  • "Sometimes I wonder if there's a real person behind all of your secrets."
  • "Tell me your secrets."
  • "That, my friend, is a secret."
  • "Two can keep a secret when one is dead."
  • "What do you want to know?"
  • "Why do you keep so many secrets?"
  • "You keep so many secrets."


                      honest to god
                                i will break your нeαrт

                     tear you to pieces
                                       and rip you αραят

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